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Wigand in the film " The Insider ", and they spent quite a bit of time together in order for Russell to learn Jeff's mannerisms. Still, Wigand detests the label. He made it quite clear that the company was hiding incriminating evidence of lawsuits that had been filed by sick or dying smokers.

Bowie, and Denis G. Wigand had a moral obligation to prevent serious harm to others. He mentions that students in Florida and elsewhere have started antismoking programs that have helped reduce the number of underage smokers.

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Some paradoxes of whistleblowing. Not only did he do this but his honesty showed an immense amount of integrity.

Professionalism/Jeffrey Wigand and Brown & Williamson

Personally, I think that he tried to go internally even though I cannot find any evidence to suggest this. Complicity theory argues that one has to be a voluntary member of the organisation which Wigand was not. Wigand had evidence to believe that the organisation was misleading the public.

Professionalism/Jeffrey Wigand and Brown & Williamson

The only argument is what happiness did this whistle blowing act achieve. Center for Professional and Personal Ethics. Conclusion Jeffrey Wigand will go down in history as one of the biggest whistle blowers of the 20th century. They need to understand just how addictive and dangerous smoking — or chewing tobacco or dip — is and how savvy tobacco ads are at promoting the image of fun, fashionable, and healthy tobacco users.

Wigand was bound by contractual agreement and his act of whistle blowing is a classic example of disloyalty towards his employer. What Wigand shows us is an example of somebody standing behind their principles against overwhelming odds. At 55 yrs, I am still a smoker.

Loss of Credibility[ edit ] Even more damaging than losing his income, however, was the psychological torment he underwent. Alabama, he explains, spends more money taking care of sick smokers than it generates through cigarette taxes. Dangers of Tobacco[ edit ] Smoking was known by the executives to be addictive Today, the dangers of cigarettes and other tobacco products are well known.

The happiness for Wigand himself would be that his conscious was cleared and that he could sleep at night knowing the truth had been told. He can speak in technical terms about the science, in depth about ethics in business, law and advertising, and about how one person can still change the world.


Wigand is. Professional perspectives on Jeffrey Wigand From Nicole Peradotto, The Buffalo Physician, Volume 34, #3: "The 's marked an important turning point in the United States for public health and the aggressive business tactics of one of the country's most powerful and. Jeffrey wigand contribution to ethics essay November 25, Real Estate Tips You Can’t Afford To Miss October 17, Is Commercial Real Estate The Right Choice For You October 10, Jeffrey Wigand became famous in the s when he took public his knowledge that cigarette companies had tried to conceal the dangers of smoking.

Jeffrey Wigand was a high ranking scientist working with Brown & Williamson, one of the largest tobacco companies in America in the ' to improve the safety of smoking, Wigand instead discovered that unethical practices and purposefully deceptive statements were commonplace.

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Jeffrey Wigand: The Whistle-Blower